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Stargazer's Gate Sketchdump 2 by calthyechild Stargazer's Gate Sketchdump 2 by calthyechild
Yesterday, it just kind of clicked what I wanted for the art style. Anyone who's familiar with my regular work, well, I'm sure you know how left field this is for me! So, a whole bunch of characters. I tried to make sure they all had distinct silhouettes and body types, because I know one of the main complaints with Between Places was that half of my cast looked the same.

Way more anime/Disney than my usual fare but I do like how it came out. This is a pretty fair chunk of my cast... one long day's work... yeah.
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sofiaaq Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013
I really look forward to see these guys in action. Your development stuff looks very pretty and consistent. I'm sorry I don't have anything constructive to say, but I really like what you're coming up with!
calthyechild Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well, that's okay! I'm quite glad to have comments like 'it's too awesome to critique' as well as constructive comments. Come on, who isn't? Also...

-> :D

Sneaky pre-launch preview o'clock!
Evergreena Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I really like this style you've come up with. I don't know anything about the story, but I'm eager to learn more already. :D I think you've done a good job of making these characters distinct - much more so than the cast of Between Places. Great work!
calthyechild Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Oh, good. I tried very hard to make them distinct, especially since (tiny sneaky whisper) Caed's a genderswapped Rease and Atrina's based on Talnaver. Stargazer's Gate definitely keeps a few of the themes of BP intact. If not... most of them.

Granted I had Reasons in BP for keeping several cast members looking similar, I think I've done better to create the same effect of associations through color and other motifs rather than physical appearance. Also I didn't try very hard at giving people different body types before.

I will save you the trouble of waiting to learn more!

Atrina and Leawyn are sisters living along the coast where the wealthy Vilanar family has a monopoly on the mines, and a rather lot of rumors about what they're ACTUALLY pulling out of those mines. Leawyn's content to ignore the talk about her family and hang out with her fiancee, but Atrina's sense of curiosity leads her to snoop, where she finds a gate, and gets snatched away.

Caed's an outcast living on the edges of Damaran society, along the forest that's growing wilder and wilder. Then the miller's daughter disappears into the forest and he's hired to find her. The money from the bounty will give him what he needs to find the witch who cursed him years ago, so he takes the risk and goes into the forest. He doesn't JUST find Mina... he also finds a gate.
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August 23, 2013
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